The Quiet Game


The vibrator wasn’t uncomfortable, it was just odd feeling. Shaped like the letter C, the flatter part was inserted and resting on her g-spot, while the other end looped up to rest tightly on her clit. It was snug against both spots, a lovely reminder, even as it was turned off, that he was there, that she belonged to him. As Eva stood there before him, she didn’t really know what to think of it, but her heart was thumping. There was no denying her excitement – the thrill of wearing it in public. The possibilities……

“There are a few rules. You must stay quiet, no matter what I do with this remote, no matter where we are,” Jay said, with an evil smirk. “And, if I allow you to come, I want your eyes open, looking into mine, the entire time. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I’ll allow panties this evening, given the circumstances. You’re going to be a dripping mess and I don’t want this to fall out. You’ll wear these.”

Jay held the panties open by the band as he sat on the edge of the soft, paisley chair. They were the sheer, cream colored panties with toffee lace on the front, the ones that matched the bra he had laid out for her to wear earlier. Eva stepped carefully into the leg openings, first her left, then the right, holding onto Jay’s shoulder, leaning on him a little. She was trying so hard to concentrate, grasping the hem of her little black dress and pulling it upward a bit to see her feet as she stepped into the panties, revealing the tops of the Cuban stockings he had also laid out.

As Jay slid those sheer panties on, his fingers traced the soft curves of her calves, traveling to graze the backs of her knees, and she hissed, his touch sending a shiver up through her entire body, her nipples taut against that lace, toffee colored bra. When they finally came to rest, his hands came around to cup both ass cheeks and squeeze. Hard. Eva looked up from her feet, feeling Jay’s eyes on her, watching her face, looking into her eyes, and there was that coy grin again. He knew what he did to her; he knew she was putty in his hands.

Leaning over, Jay scooped up one heel, a beautiful six inch, black patent leather with a red bottom. He gripped her calf gently, prompting her to lift her foot, and slid his other hand down to her heel, guiding it forward to slip her foot into the shoe.

Eva wasn’t sure how she’d react to the vibrator in public, but she was already so fucking turned on and they hadn’t even left the apartment. He hadn’t even turned it on yet! She could feel those damn panties getting wet and she had only been wearing them for maybe two minutes.

Repeating the same for the other foot, Jay sat upright, leaned back in his chair and admired her. She was a masterpiece.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Eva. And you’re all mine.”

“Yes, Master, I am,” Eva replied, blushing a little. That word did something to her, and it probably always would. Mine. Oof.

“While we are out, you are to stay by my side at all times, unless you ask first or are told otherwise. I will take very good care of you, as always. I want you to relax, no fidgeting.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And don’t forget – stay quiet when I turn this on, or there will be consequences.”

Jay pulled the egg-shaped remote out of the pocket of his slim fitting, black suit pants and held it up. As his thumb pushed a small, white button, Eva’s panties ever-so-slightly hummed. Her clit and gspot felt the faintest of vibration. Eyes wide with surprise, Eva was just about to make a sound, then bit her lip instead. Jay just stood there, watching her. And that fucking grin, oh, God.

This is going to be the longest night of my life…

-image found on Tumblr

28 thoughts on “The Quiet Game

    • I think I’m going to. I started this a couple years ago, but I have a slightly different story line in mind now. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Vic.

      • Awesome! For some reason, I really find stories of public sex like this super hot. It’s not the sex, like, not the actual sex…I guess it’s the holding back and the aspect of having no control but having to maintain decorum in a public place. It’s just so intense… anyway, lol, I’m glad you’re continuing!

      • Me too, for those same sorts of reasons. It’s hot in real life, too.

        I can’t ever decide if I want to. I’m never really confident…so thank you!

      • Ah, I’ve never had it in real life- not like that.
        You are so talented, Kay. You’re very welcome. 🙂

  1. Like Vic, I find this type of play very sexy and exciting. It is the trusting in his control, the practice of maintaining your own control over your bodies reaction, plus the connection that is a naughty little secret between just you two… totally hot Kay!

  2. Just catching up…. and catching my breath, wow!!! I can only imagine the tense sexual energy that would ripple through the evening! I am pretty sure I’d fail this test! Lol! So what are the consequences? 💖😈💖

    • Lol! I’m happy you enjoyed it, Meg. We’ll have to see if I continue it, but maybe a spanking? Orgasm denial for a period of time? Humiliation (like orgasm in public, like at a play party where others can see and hear, or maybe having to say she’s a dirty girl)? Wear a butt plug to work? Forced orgasms…maybe in bdsm club or play party even? The options are endless….

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