many days I’ve asked myself,
when will someday come?

daydreaming of a future when
the busyness fades to a hum

days when work and alarms and cars
fade to choice, no longer need

when less is more, and I can close the door
and go as slowly as I please 

many days, I’ve asked myself, 
what if someday never comes?

but, I wonder, have I been asking 
the wrong questions to myself

because, isn’t today, a someday, too?
and I need to take it off the shelf

-photo by Richard Meeks

24 thoughts on “Someday

    • Hello! Thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy it resonated with you. I’m a 45 year old married woman. I suppose our souls wish to experience and funnel our spirit, time, energy into what truly matters and let the rest fall away. But today is someday! No need to wait. Thank you, again. 💜

      • Kay, I guess I had similar thoughts at 45 already, but now that I am well past 80 the slowing down occurs quite naturally, and I do now quite often get the feeling, that what I may have found important when I was younger, really does not have priority anymore, and I should spend the bit of time, that may still be left to me, with things that I really like doing and that I still consider to be important. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity now to write on the computer, and that makes it possible for me to write down whatever I do remember about my life, hoping that what I have to tell about my life might be of some interest to some people if not so much now then maybe in future years. Maybe someday one or the other of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren may want to read up a bit on my life. However, I still have not worked out, how I can preserve my writings in a way that makes reading it possible for my descendants. Maybe someday I’ll still get around to doing something about it!
        I have been blogging with wordpress since July 2011. I already published quite a bit about my life. But I wonder, whether my descendants are going to have access to my writing?

      • Oh, I hope you do find a way to preserve it for them and that they have access! I think the most treasured thing we could ever do, besides behaving in ways that model for our loved ones and communicate LOVE, is to share of ourselves, as much as we possibly can in this life…..and hopefully with the ability we have to share our words, both written and not, we can share long past our time on this earth. Good luck to you!

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