Anticipating You


by the thinnest sliver of light,
a slight crack in the door,
delicate shadow stretches over dark sheet
reaching across the floor,
straining toward you

eyes downcast,
soft light spreads over tanned skin,
silky thighs resting atop the slender arc of calves,
splayed wide open, offering

arching, in a perfect curve,
back lightly tensed,
a muscled lines rippling down the spine,
accentuating, craving

shoulders pulled back, tight,
arms behind draw a line
to fingers resting on bottom,
pushing ample breasts upward,
on display, beckoning

two, small, impeccably taut,
nipples peak, ready

as I still and I anticipate,
no thought to what you’ll do to me,
or wonder about tools you’ll choose
to use

my body is alive,
bursting with an overwhelming hunger
to simply follow,
to fulfill any need,

to be your desire

I kneel, waiting,

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