what of dust, of fortune telling,
of lightning coming too soon?
what will I become, I wondered,
whispering to the moon

she told me I already know,
I know from where I came,
the rest is right in front of me,
try dusting off my name 

-image found on Pinterest 

-shared again in response to the DVerse Open Link Night

Can’t Look Up

Every night, I search for you,
Along the Milky Way,
Chin upturned, as my heart yearns,
So many miles away

Last night, I wondered, if I’d feel you there,
If you were gazing too,
If our spirits could share, way up there,
Amidst the brilliant blue

But while I gazed, connecting dots,
The picture grew much clearer,
Stomach whirling, a cosmic unfurling,
I realized why you’re not nearer

For, I am not the one you want,
And the stars have lost their shine,
Now, I can’t look up, because all I see,
Is your heart inside of mine

-image found on Pinterest; not indicative of any personal experience  


Reposted and audio added in celebration of our 18th anniversary (together 23 years!). This is for you, M, the love of my life! 

(Please be kind, it’s my first recording ever!)

I thought I knew about a lot of things before I met you

but I never knew what slow, deep kisses meant,
or that they could last all night long

I never knew what the smell of the first morning breeze could do as my head lay upon your chest,
or how that breeze could carry me throughout the day

I never knew how my own chest could ache in your absence,
or that I could smile all the way to my fingertips when we joined again

I never knew I could get butterflies deep in my belly every time you kissed my neck,
or that my desire for you could consume me

I never knew that shared laughter could cure almost anything,
and shared tears could say much more than words

I never knew I could feel fire in my veins when you hurt,
or that my heart’s fullness could spill over when you smile

I never knew I could need like this,
that I could feel swaddled by another so completely, I can finally rest

I thought I knew all about hope before I met you

but that was before I believed in magic

-Image credit 7-themes.com, also shared as part of DVerse’s Open Mic Night. Scoot over there and check it out!