I See You, Always…

Although I may not always have shown or voiced my appreciation, I have always seen and been in awe of what an incredible father you are to our girls. Over the last 14 years, I’ve watched them grow and flourish into beautiful people, with you as the man who loves and supports them, unconditionally. They see, too.

I’ve seen….

The tears in your eyes and wonder on your face as each child was placed in my arms.

Your gentle hands and cradled arms that soothed our babies to sleep. (Sometimes you, too).

When you changed poopy diapers and rocked in the middle of the night and laid each in my arms to breastfeed, all with willingness and love.

The awe and sheer happiness in your eyes at first words, first steps, and a million other ‘firsts’.

Your willingness to jump right in and do the hairdo’s, buy the feminine products, and help them shop for clothes and girly things.

When you outstretched your arms and tucked their heads safely to your chest, kissing the boo-boo’s away. When you do the same when their hearts hurt, too.

The whole-face smiles and cheers of pride and love as they danced across the stage, flipped in the air, and made magical music.

Your never-ending support in each and every one of their interests and your active participation in them all. Even the nail painting and hair do’s, tea parties and dress up, oobleck and flubber.

When you listen with an open mind, always with their best interest and well-being at heart, always trying to see the big picture, allowing them each to grow into who they are.

The way you are always silly, smiling and dancing and joking and laughing with them. Every single day.

Your patience with homework and projects, even when there’s last minute store runs and building intricate things and messy experiments.

When you are firm and consistent, but always fair in your decisions.

The way you show them in your actions to never give up and that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Your fearless expression of emotion – they get to experience the whole range with you.

When you wholeheartedly trust and support as well as lead in our efforts to work as a cohesive parenting team.

The way you get nervous when they challenge themselves, because you want so badly for them to feel the joy of success.

Your endless compassion for everyone you meet, a true example for them of how to open your heart to the world.

When you mindlessly hold their hands, swinging arms between the two of you, just happy to be.

The way they lean into you, snuggled up and wrapped into your comfort. The way they look up and smile back at you, in awe of their Daddy.

Your never-ending ability to be there in times of need, someone they can always count on, no matter the circumstance.

The way they LOVE you with everything they are, even when they get upset, say mean things, argue till they’re blue in the faces, and stomp away mad. In fact, I think those times make them love you more.

I love you, too. The father you are to them inspires me to be the best mother I can be, even on the toughest of days. Happy Father’s Day, My Love.